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About Rakuda Auto

Rakuda Auto Corporation was established in 2002 and it has rapidly grown to be one of the leading Japanese trading company which has focused in the export of used Japanese motor vehicles. Rakuda Auto Corporation was created by a team of dedicated professionals who had an excellent track record and with specialist experience in the automobile business of over 10 Years.(lately an annual amont of export is about 1000 units)

Since its founding, Rakuda Auto Corporation has set new horizons for exporting Japanese used vehicles throughout the world by pioneering marketing and quality control strategies and developing a network of global agents and dealers as dedicated partners whose main emphases is to provide maximum customer satisfaction to the end user.

During the early years of development we have set firm foundations for developing international sensibilities, global marketing and quality control capabilities to ensure excellent services at all times. Stated simply, Rakuda Auto Corporation's globalization strategy is based on the principle of mutual prosperity through partnership with localized dealers and ensuring the highest level of quality control. We always believe in long term relationship hence we are able to maintain a high level of trust and long term relationship with all our agents, dealers and customers.

The unique thing about our company is that from day one until today we have been and shall always be both future and outward oriented. We have continued to transcend nationality as the world becomes more unified, largely thanks to developments in science and technology as well as in telecommunications, Rakuda Auto Corporation is constantly concentrating on increasing competitiveness and providing best services at all times as a means to guarantee its survival in the future.

Rakuda Auto Corporation exports vehicles to many countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, New Zealand and the Caribbean countries. Rakuda Auto Corporation can supply vehicles directly from our yard and no third party is involved in between, so you save the middleman-margin.

Rakuda Auto Corporation can procure vehicles through our numerous very well established connections and sources both in rural and urban areas. The vehicles are procured by ourselves and they come directly to our yard after they have been inspected. We procure directly from wide network of (a) New Car Dealers (b) Used Car Dealers (c) Car Leasing Companies (d) Individual users etc. We also supply to many exporters here in Japan who then export to various countries.

Rakuda Auto Corporation are also members of numerous Used Motor Vehicles' auctions which we attend regularly and buy various types of used Japanese vehicles by bidding. Rakuda Auto Corporation is a member of the Japan Used Car Exporters Association and the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce.

Rakuda Auto Corporation prefers volume business and hence can keep margins to a minimum and many of our customers give us their standing orders with their target prices, based on which we regularly buy vehicles for them and also ship vehicles to them when certain numbers of vehicles have been procured based on mutual understanding with the respective buyer. Rakuda Auto Corporation are very well placed to meet all your requirements of used vehicles.

Rakuda Auto Corporation keeps a very good stock of vehicles at any given time and essentially the stock will be based on the main markets that Rakuda Auto Corporation currently focus on.

Rakuda Auto Corporation is very flexible and would like to increase its global markets hence if by any chance you are not able to trace your desired model in the stock list kindly provide details of your desired model with all specifications, year and your target price and rest assured that Rakuda Auto Corporation will endeavor to get your specific desired model. Hence if you are unable to locate your desired model from our stock list rest, please rest assured that we can definitely procure them for you immediately if you so desire. Procuring is   no problem at all. If you are prepared to buy on regular basis,we can always start focusing on your requirements and keep them in our stock. Please understand that since storage costs in Japan is very high no company in Japan can afford to keep stock of slow moving vehicles and vehicles that are not required in its main markets. The best way is that you give us your standing order for the vehicles that you require and your maximum target buying price within which we will then procure the vehicles meeting your requirement and when we have procured certain numbers of vehicles (which we can decide mutually) we can send you the details or proforma invoice, based on which you arrange for the payment and we can ship them to you. If we buy any vehicles at a price lower than your maximum target price the difference will be passed on to you. We will always try our best to procure vehicles at your required prices, failing which we will give you our counter price. If you require several different kind of models please provide full details and also please let us know how many vehicles you are contemplating to buy every month. For the moment we are keeping some stock in our yards. Please check out our stock list on the web page which provides full details of our STOCK LIST FOR RIGHT HAND DRIVE USED VEHICLES (AS IS CONDITION). We can only supply used vehicles in "as is condition". Reconditioning in Japan is very expensive and all our buyers do reconditioning in their own country. Japan is one of the worlds most expensive countries in the world with very high labor costs hence its only prudent that customers recondition the vehicles in their own country. Kindly look into the list and select your required vehicles so that we can try to send you our proforma invoice based on CIF prices. Please also indicate your port of discharge.

We look forward to serving you better and build a mutual beneficial business on long term basis.



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